About me

My name is Walter Weitzenböck. Already in my younger years I was infected with the genealogy fever. “History” was always my favorite subject in school and when I found old photos and party slips in the attic, I wanted to know more about the people who were pictured here.

To recall these people with dates of birth, marriage and death, to learn what professions they had, what illnesses they died of, what strokes of fate they had to experience, makes it a wonderful work.
At the beginning of my research work, I had to go personally to the parish and diocesan archives to get access to the registers. Today, the search is much easier due to digitalization.

I was able to trace my wife’s and my family’s ancestors back to the 16th century and got to know most of the Habsburg lands. I have summarized the found data in family chronicles.

I gained additional expertise while working on several regional projects:
a.o. local chronicle Münichreith am Ostrong (publication 2010)
1914 in Artstetten (exhibition and project on records of senior teacher Wilhelm Groß)
Crafts and trades in Ybbs 2014 -2017 (creation of two ancestral galleries about organ makers from Bohemia)

I am a member of the following genealogical societies: Familia Austria, Heraldic-Genealogical Society ADLER, Austrian Society for Family and Regional History Research (ÖFR), Friends of ICARUS4all (International Centre for Archival Research ICARUS), Mostviertler Genealogenverein

I look forward to your inquiry and am excited to see where the journey takes us.
Walter Weitzenböck