Welcome to my genealogy website.

As a passionate genealogist with many years of experience, I have turned my hobby into my profession. The desire to write family history, solve puzzles and find hidden things drives me and motivates me. Experiencing people´s amazement or tears of joy when given a family chronical gives me great satisfaction.

In all likelihood, everyone in their lives, sooner or later, asks themselves the questions:

Where do I come from? Why am I the way I am? What were the occupations of my ancestors? What strokes of fate and what drastic events have influenced their lives?

The answers lie in ecclesiastical registers, manorial sources, military records, but also in newspapers and other sources. I will try to find these for you.

My research area covers Austria, Bavaria, South Tyrol, Bohemia and Moravia.

It is also important to consider how best to present the data found. Whether you are interested in a thorough overview of our ancestors for yourself or a gift for a special person or a special occasion.

Check out the options on my offer page.

I hope you enjoy my homepage.

I would be happy to get to know you to bring your ancestors into the present together.

Walter Weitzenböck

Find yourself...in your story!